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Indian Almond Leaves: Keep Fish Healthy And Balance Aquarium pH

by Alvin Oliver

The pH levels in fish tanks fluctuate. A pH level of 7 is neutral, and when acidic and alkaline levels go up or down too quickly, fish get stressed. The environment in the tank is essential for fish health. Too drastic a change in pH can lead to death.

Fish require a clean tank with a balanced pH. To keep the pH in check, fish owners often use Indian almond leaves. So, what are Indian almond leaves? How do you use them?

Here are some tips for using grade A Indian almond leaves for your tank.

Why Indian Almond Leaves?

Fish breeders and tank owners use Indian almond leaves to help create a clean, safe environment for their fish. New fish to the tank benefit greatly when the leaves are added to the tank while they acclimate to the new environment.

Grade A Indian almond leaves offer several benefits for fish breeders and tank owners:

  • Help fish fight off infection
  • Naturally lower aquarium pH levels
  • Release tannins to lower fish stress
  • Help improve breeding
  • Good food source for shrimp

Aquarium owners add this simple leaf to aquariums to help sick fish with diseases, like fin rot.

How To Use Indian Almond Leaves

Using Indian almond leaves in your tank is simple. You drop the leaves into the tank. The correct amount is important, so start out with a smaller amount.  Indian almond leaves take few days to sink after being placed in the water. 

The leaves only release tannins after they sink and begin the breaking-down process. Once the Indian almond leaves sink, they usually last several months before completely breaking down.

What Are The Cons Of Using Indian Almond Leaves?

Grade A Indian almond leaves are safe for fish. You don't need to worry about accidentally using a bit too many leaves in your tank.

The biggest con is that the more leaves you have in the tank, the darker the water becomes as the leaves break down. This is not dangerous, but it makes the tank look bad.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you'll need to wean your fish off the Indian almond leaves if you plan to discontinue use.

Watch for signs that your fish are stressed, and check the pH of the water in your aquarium. If you see signs of odd swimming patterns or other signs of stress, consider adding Indian almond leaves to your tank.