“Give a man food, and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to grow, and he will eat for a lifetime”

The Pegasus Agriculture ‘Teach a Man to Farm’ initiative was started to educate people in developing countries about the processes and methodologies behind hydroponic farming.

We have lectured at agricultural colleges in Africa, India and Pakistan. By attending universities, we teach young budding farmers that there are other options apart from the traditional approach available to them.

We hope that by informing them of the intrinsic improvements in growing hydroponically they will be able to produce different, cheaper and better quality crops.

The ‘Teach a Man to Farm’ initiative is especially relevant in areas where water is scarce. One of the inherent advantages of the hydroponics method is the massive reduction in water use and we have already seen successes in enabling farmers to achieve much higher yields through minimizing their water use.

Working alongside government municipalities, we have engineered the Pegasus Agriculture School for Hydroponic farming, which is a centre for hydroponic development, testing and initiative. The school is due to open in 2015 in the UAE and will focus on:

  • Hydroponic farm architecture
  • Hydroponic farm design
  • Hydroponic farm air management
  • Hydroponic farm reverse osmosis
  • Automated system design
  • Species nutrition
  • Tissue growing techniques
  • Land preparation
  • Fertilizer control and distribution systems
  • Growing
  • Cropping
  • Harvesting

For information and to enroll, please email: info@pegasusagriculture.com